The Challenge 2021


The assignment of the 2021 Battle of Schools is to deliver the concept proposal for branding of a particular space (Dwell Space) in adidas Flagship store in Ilica Street in Zagreb, Croatia.


The main theme for the concept is Sustainability.




Digitalization and Customization are the essential elements which need to be included in the concept proposal.




Hanzehogeschool team(s)

Hey, we’re Elise Mulder, Harry Steensma, Lotte Mulder, Maren Bos and  Carolijn De Graaf, and we’re the Elemental Elites! We are one of the two teams of the Hanze University of Applied Sciences from Groningen to compete in this challenge! We are looking forward to this great experience!

       Hi! Let’s introduce ourselves.. We are Sharaya Zonneveld, Yvanka Visser,                     Emo Boven, Annerein Walma and Denise Müller. Together we are The Great 5!        We are really looking forward to the ICD Challenge and are eager to make it a        great week.

the Algebra team(s)

Marijana Lovrić( missing on the pic), Nina Kalin, Dalibor Kušenić, Marko Cvitković(missing on the pic) and Dinko Passini with Siniša – Head of studies

Dario Srnec, Petar Krešimir Popović, Lovro Bjegović (missing on fthe pic),Marko Ivanek and Klea Križ (missing on the pic) – with Siniša – Head of studies

Winning Team: Hanze Hogeschool

Winning ICDC team

Would you like to be the first winner and get the recognition you deserve?

Winning concept

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"It was interesting to see different visions of our colleagues from the Netherlands and their approach to the project"

- Marijana Lovrić, Algebra University College

" To totally focus on one assignment for a week in a different city makes you feel totally engulfed forgetting everything back home."