Client 2024 / Vogue

Host, IADE, Lisbon, Portugal

This year’s challenge invites creative minds to develop disruptive, innovative concepts that not only resonate with Vogue Portugal’s ethos but also tackle pressing social issues using immersive technology.

As we aim to captivate the Generation Z audience—digitally savvy, socially conscious, and craving authentic, meaningful experiences—this challenge seeks to merge aesthetics with technology, creating engaging, sustainable fashion narratives that inspire and provoke thought among young style enthusiasts worldwide.

Client 2023 / Kunstpunt

Host, Hanze UAS, Groningen, Netherlands

Kunstpunt Groningen seeks to weave visual arts into the fabric of the city, making the 600-strong collection of public art from different eras accessible and engaging for all.

This effort not only beautifies Groningen but also serves an educational purpose, enriching the community’s cultural and artistic understanding.

Kunstpunt challenges students to create an engaging installation or attention-grabber, both offline and online, aimed at young people aged 18-24, to increase their engagement with Groningen’s public art in a disruptive way.

Client 2021 / adidas

Host, Algebra, Zagreb, Croatia

adidas, Europe’s leading sportswear brand since 1949, constantly challenges the status quo, blending sports with lifestyle to become a globally recognized icon.

Driven by a desire for sustainable excellence, adidas aims to lead in environmental responsibility, targeting significant reductions in CO2 emissions and sustainable product lines by 2025.

Embedded in our ethos is the belief in the transformative power of sport to change lives, a commitment we extend through initiatives like the International Creative Design Challenge (ICDC),

encouraging creativity and innovation among the youth. Our philosophy is rooted in optimism, inclusivity, and the conviction that “impossible is nothing.