As a branding and design agency specialising in the sports, health and fitness domain, we work with internship students of the Hanze UAS and were invited to participate in the ICDC 2023 as a voice from the professional domain. 

We have successfully completed more than 75 brands over the past 10 years, so we know what we are talking about. We always work with our proven In 10 steps to success with your brand method for new brands or concepts.

By distinguishing yourself from the competition and being consistent in your branding, you build the foundation of your brand value. Fitbrand likes to think about your brand’s possibilities and helps you develop the right branding strategy and a suitable identity. We approach every branding and design problem with an open mind, curiosity, and no preconceived ideas. 

As part of the jury on Friday we will focus on the quality of a well-thought-out concept and marketing strategy that makes your idea more likely to conquer a place in the market.




We are DIVISION 4 VISION, a successful creative and marketing agency with a diverse set of skills that allow us to be experts in every aspect of visual communication. A great number of successful projects, completed in collaboration with domestic and international clients, can attest to our credibility.

 When faced with a challenge, this specialized division never backs down but instead approaches each task with undeniable confidence, teamwork, and an innovative approach. Furthermore, we hope to have a positive impact on the academic community, which is why we are especially proud of our long-standing partnership with Algebra.

 It allows us to shape the next generation of creative individuals. We are not averse to regularly accepting ambitious students who are eager to learn and be guided by experienced professionals because our goal is to portray a realistic environment of a creative agency for someone who is just starting out on this journey.

 Meeting any of the client’s demands is a difficult task. That is why we are thrilled to be a part of this project, ICDC-International Creative Design Challenge (Battle of Schools), alongside adidas, Algebra and Hanze University, and to give students, at the start of their careers, the opportunity to work on such a challenging project for one of the world’s largest international sports brands.


Roman Turk, Owner at DIVISION 4 VISION creative agency

"Showing talents all around the world"